An Ordinary Ragdoll

Aug 14
Aug 04

((Uh… long time no see?

I’m running out of excuses now, since it’s been so long, and I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time soon. I just got super discouraged after I lost what few files I had…

I guess I’ll open the askbox for a while and if I get some good ones maybe I can start up again. Probably not daily like it was, but I’ll think of something.))

Oct 26

O-oh dear! There are quite a few questions in here! Your support is appreciated, but I’m going to need to close the ask box for a bit. Thank you so very much!

Oct 23
Oct 23
Oct 15

((Just re-opened the askbox. Feel free to ask now. I’ll be getting some of these questions done in honor of Halloween, so don’t be afraid to ask something! Have a good night, you guys.))

Aug 01

Excuse me…

With Jack gone, I need to spend more time with the children and on other things. Jack will be done on Wednesday, though, so I will be as well. I’m terribly sorry…

Jul 31
Jul 31
Jul 30